Hi there again. Thanks for the tips. I'm actually gonna try out Suit Supply - I'm very curious what the fuss with them is all about. Just ordered two suits, and we'll see. I'm from Poland and used to buy Zara's, but their quality (was fine couple years ago) has seriously gone down. Kent Wang has some nice stuff too, but for around $900-$1000 I could buy a great MTM here in Warsaw. I'm also looking for shoes - you recommended Cole Haan only for casual - anything wrong with their dress shoes? thx

Hi, no problem!

Cole Haan is OKAY, but they are way over priced for the quality you get. I purchased five pairs of their casual wingtips at Christmas time because I essentially got them for 70% off when combining their winter sale with an UrbanDaddy Perk and an additional coupon I found online. I think some of their casual styles are pretty fun, granted I would never pay full price for them as the quality is just not there. 

When it comes it their more formal dress shoes, shoes that you really should be investing in, you can get much better quality for the same price (or even cheaper, depending on the brand). For just a bit more, you can get yourself a solid set of Allen Edmonds dress shoes that will last you 10+ years when taken care of properly. Moreover, I’d also take a look at Alden, though they are a bit more expensive. Ultimately, never skimp on the quality of your dress shoes. 

Hope this helps!

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